Friday, December 5, 2014

Missionary housing

As you can see from the picture above the missionaries live in very humble circumstances.  The refrigerator isn't dirty its just rusted but works fine.  All the missionaries seem happy even in these apartments and homes.  Most sleep on mattresses or cots on the floor.  They must be very careful about the water they drink.  Sometimes the water supply is shut off during certain times of the day so everyone in the village will have enough water.  For all you thinking about a mission you better learn how to cook.  No McDonalds or Burger King within a thousand miles of here.

In the second picture a pair of inventive missionaries cut down a small banana tree from the jungle behind their house and set it up as a Christmas tree.  They decorated it with native red flowers.  You might notice a small ginger bread house in the background next to the key board.  This elder has a family tradition of making a ginger bread house for Thanksgiving so his mother had sent him one to make.  All the missionaries, 24 of them, will be coming to our apartment in December to skype or facetime with their families.  Lenda will be making a ham dinner for them.  We are looking forward to that.

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